Agriturismo Penisola Sorrentina


Charles Rollin "Histoire Romaine"Casa Scola, noble family of ancient origins. The first certain documentation on the House we find them in the fifteenth volume of “Roman History, from the Foundation of Rome to the battle of Actium.” It is a collection of the historian history books Charles Rollin which date back to MDCCLXI. In the first volume of the indicated page 195 there is a famous passage which tells of the rise of Gneo Pompey, who became Consul in ancient Rome. Pompey established with special laws some courts with the task of shedding light on some facts of violence, and you look with particular interest to the Tribunal that judged Milone, accused of murdering Clodius. In defense of Milo he stepped in the noble and historic Senator Cicero, accompanied and assisted by the famous M. Marcellus, the same for which Cicero makes grace to Caesar with the prayer so well known that bears his name, and he questioned C. Cassinio Scola , friend and companion of Clodius. This C. Cassino Scola was a nobleman of ancient Rome that, at that time very remote, craved the Roman Consulate. Scola The family has maintained a more recent prominent position in the history, among others remember Scola Baldassarre that in September of 1774 was mentioned with the epithet: “Magnificent D. Baldassarre”, for his doctorate in medicine, which views the era was not a minor thing. We find yet Magnifico Francesco Antonio Scola, a gentleman who lived with his possessions and with “store” of its timbers. The choice of the label “CASA SCOLA” ….. “is not accidental, but stems from the fact that in Gragnano that family for five hundred years, or those who prefer to be around five centuries, has “a vineyard, an olive grove, three woods, houses with gardens in a place known and has always said House ScolaAncora between the ancestors, remembers a young scholar of the family started the Judiciary with adequate competition. It remembers in the nineteenth century Antonio Maria Scola, Archpriest of the Collegiate Church of the City of Gragnano since 1820, at the behest of Bishop Della Torre; Wealthy and pious man, who, feeling troubled by serious illness did not come out of life without leaving a monument of his charity towards the poor fellow citizens. So it was that on April 26, 1850, with the mystic will, dispose of some of his real estate to the foundation of a “Hospital”, which were to accept the sick of both sexes of any infirmity, provided born and domiciled in Gragnano. He wished that it was called the Hospital S. Antonio Casa Scola, and that “the two colleges of Canons and Parsons they had the administration, and direction.” This Hospital was built on the moral body by Royal Decree of 8 July 1874. Subsequently, by Royal Decree of 7 August 1931 the Hospital of St. Anthony of Casa Scola was gathered the Hospital of St. Mary a Vigna (in the Vineyard) Girace family, erected in body moral by Royal decree 12 September 1915, but never implemented for lack of funds. You still remember Philosophers, theologians, Doctors and in particular the Dr Vincenzo Scola , who wrote all’estensore Medical Observer a document/letter titled “On the Gragnano cholera”, published April 15, 1837 by the Medical Observer; and his son, Cav. Matteo Scola, elected unanimously by the City Council of August 31, 1909 Mayor of Gragnano, after this position had already been filled by the father. In the early 1900s was also a family of entrepreneurs, there is the Primaria Fabbrica di Paste Alimentari dei F.lli Scola (Primary Food Pasta Factory Scola Brothers), casale4 which produces excellent pasta, called “luxury pasta” known and accompanied by the motto: “Cu na salsa fresca fatta e pummarole t’allicche pure e dete c’a pasta e Scola (with a fresh sauce made of tomatoes you will also lick your fingers with Pasta Scola).” Finally in the last century recall Alpini Lieutenant Matthew Scola, the son of Vincenzo Scola, Surgeon Lieutenant besides doctor during the First World War, who was awarded an honorary law degree for bravery during World war II and the ultimate sacrifice made during the last terrible war years, where he was the innocent victim of a deadly ambush. From all this, from this secular and diverse culture, comes the passion for the land and especially for the quality of the products that it can give. Today, now abundantly in the third millennium, the Scola family continues to maintain that its genuine passion and culture, and produces the grapes of its vineyards an excellent wine “Sorrento Peninsula – Gragnano D.O.C.” an excellent “Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. Sorrento Peninsula “and another, also is pleased to host you in their -illustri equipment-Farm, a typical old farmhouse immersed in a centuries-old olive grove, where in addition to taste the products of the company and of our kitchen, you can decide to spend some day in a real oasis of peace, serenity, culture, in contact with nature, immersed in a pleasant landscape of sea and beautiful mountains.

Alfonso Scola


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