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The Farm – Holidays “Casa Scola” – situated in the territory of the “ Monti Lattari – Sorrentine Peninsula ” a few km. from the most beautiful tourist resorts of Campania ( Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Pompeii, Naples < i>); He has joined the Organizing Committee of the “Wine Road and typical products Sorrento and Capri”, as well as the electronic portal of the “Mountain Community of Monti Lattari – Sorrentine Peninsula”, and has been recognized as part of the initiative ” the flavors of the Province of Naples, “as” farm for typical products “.Monti LattariIt is formed by three landlords funds: The first is located in “Piazza F.sco Rocco n. 4 “has a total agricultural area of ​​8,596 square meters, used in part for the production of grape D.O.C. Sorrento Coast – Subarea Gragnano and partly for the production of typical citrus. The position level and exposure at midday, and the central location close to the city center Gragnano, make this fund the vital center administrative of the whole company. In such places there are the offices, the registered office, as well as the breeding of rabbits and poultry; the second, which is situated in “Castello di Gragnano – Via Fornace 1” at a height of about 300 meters above sea level, it has a total agricultural area of ​​88,584 square meters of which the majority, is occupied by chestnut coppice mixed with chestnut plants scattered fruit; the remaining part is used for the production of olives D.O.P. Sorrento Peninsula and for the production of grapes D.O.C. Sorrento Coast – Subarea Gragnano and for cultivation of fruit trees in shell. In this landowner bottom is the old farmhouse for farm tourism. The third company landholder fund is in town.Uva “Canal Turina – along the trail Via Vicinale Cierco” at about 600 m. above sea level. It has an agricultural area of ​​27,210 square meters almost entirely destined to chestnut coppice mixed forest of chestnut plants scattered fruit, except for a small area where there is the “Casa Rossa (Red House)“, ancient rural building for a long time only refuge halfway between the Gragnano “Aurano” fraction and the peak of Mount Megano on which extends a plateau from which you can simultaneously admire the Gulf of Naples and SalernoL’Agriturismo – the fund that receives the farm, thanks to its conformation and accommodation terraces, which slope gently through the thick vegetation of the woods and chestnut trees, into the streams that surround and delimit course, from the medial village of castle comes to the old road through the valley of mills. The beauty of the area is almost as guide the visitor through a dense network of winding paths that wind in the thick vegetation of the pits, and the forest of chestnut trees until the old mills of the “Valle dei Mulini”, testimony of pastaie business activities conducted in Gragnano nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It will then be given to guests of the company the opportunity to take walks to discover unspoiled places, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking vistas and rich in testimonies of the past, culture and local traditions. The company adheres, since 2003, the Regional Plan of Phytopathological Integrated Pest Management, and then uses technical IPM environmentally and health.

Vincenzo Scola


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