Agriturismo Penisola Sorrentina

About Us

logo_grandeGragnano ancient and noble family of landowners, present in Gragnano since 1500, has always been committed to protecting the environment, the protection of the territory and civil society: Man in defense. The culture was the passion and the primary objective of the generations that have followed over the centuries. Family traditions have been mainly Medicine and Law not neglecting theology, but as always, the professional has worked with the farmer to produce respecting the environment and health. The value of the land, culture and collective good, for us it is not salable because it represents our roots, is part of the family. The current generation has decided to personally take care of the family land.

The Holiday Farm directed by Dott. Vincenzo, Agronomist, achieves the goal of all time: “to create natural products while respecting the environment and human health” and together “offer hospitality” in a structure where the products of our beautiful Gragnano can be tasted in the area of origin, immersed in the serenity of the area of the City of pasta and wine.

Dott. Vincenzo Scola

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